Research being conducted by the
Queens Affective Sciences Laboratory

For Potential Graduate Students

The lab currently has openings for graduate students for Fall 2015. If you are interested in pursuing graduate work at Queens College and the Graduate Center, please view the possible psychology programs offered at CUNY. The Psychology Graduate program has undergone major revisions. Please review each program carefully. As faculty at both Queens College and the Graduate Center, I am affiliated with multiple graduate training areas. Below are a list of the training areas I am affiliated with.

Basic and Applied Social Psychology

Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience

Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology

Cognition, Language, and Development

For Potential Undergraduate Students

The lab currently has openings for undergraduate students for Spring 2015. As an undergraduate, there are two ways of working in the lab. One way is to register for course credit in PSYCH 391/392. The second way is to volunteer. There are no prerequisites to work in the lab.
However, the positions in our lab our limited. As a result, there is an extensive application process for joining our lab. For more information about joining the lab and completing an application contact
Dr. Storbeck at:
[email protected]